Byron Mack is a Thief that loves getting fucked

Byron Mack is a very cold & cruel man. He preys on the kind hearted and uses them until he sucks them dry. He suffers from PTSD and refuses to admit he has a problem. He works in the HVAC field and uses that as an excuse… when in fact he’s out sucking dick and getting fucked. He lies in order to to get whatever he can from you then disappears out of nowhere. Even though we had maintained a 3 year relationship on and off again… I’d say he had vanished about 5 times. He has since kept up appearances that he’s a straight man… all the while taking dick better than most gay guys do. He stole the money that was given to me on my birthday by my mother. It’s imperative that other people know what they are dealing with. He is simply put a narcissist. He will take advantage of people in a second and not think twice about it. He is devoid of compassion or any genuine emotion displayed by a human being. All I asked for… was for you to own it with an apology… you went AWOL… then he pops up on fuck apps like Grindr & Kik. LOL. Why would you assume that the guy you’ve been sleeping with for the last 3 years wouldnt at some point fight back? You want to use people to better your own situation until you no longer have use for them. Some words of advice to… Next time think twice before you fuck someone over. Be who you want to be with whether it be female or male… but don’t lie, cheat & steal. You do that… then youll have to suffer the consequences. Crazy little thing called love

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