Elise Brown - Victory Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN


Elise Janais Brown is a married 35 year old, cheating nympho slut who lives in Corryton, Tennessee. She and her husband David both work at PCI (Performance Contracting Inc.) in Knoxville. And they both attend Victory Baptist Church in Knoxville. Elise is the church treasurer.

Elise Brown is a filthy pig 🐷 slut who openly cheats on her husband. She has had videos of her being a spit roast whore in one of the rooms, at her local gym. Men at her job had seen these videos and were laughing at her. Elise goes to the gym often to do more than just work out. This gym whore was in a cell phone video taking black cock in her pussy and asshole, sandwich style. One of the employees at PCI hated Elise’s husband, David so much that he would grudge fuck Elise, just to spite him. He told everybody that Elise was a good fuck once you could get past her sweaty, stinky pussy.

Elise also fucks the horny men at PCI corporate too, out in Kansas. One married guy even spent money on her and had met her out in Las Vegas to get his dick wet. Elise’s husband was lying, telling everyone that his wife was meeting an old high school girlfriend out there. David Brown condones his wife fucking other men on the job, and tells everyone that marrying her was “Good Business”. People aren’t stupid. They know that Elise has no female friends that she would visit. If she traveled that far, it was because another man was paying the bill, for she is too cheap to pay for anything on her own.

Elise sees every girl and woman as competition. Elise’s own daughter, Angelina was tortured by her mother’s sociopathic behavior and was a victim of her mother’s emotional, verbal, and mental abuse. This poor girl committed suicide by hanging herself when she was only sixteen, to get away from her piece of shit, scumbag mother!

Elise Brown neglects her children and lives in a pigsty. All she cares about is money, dick, and herself. She is a greedy cunt! And the people at Victory Baptist Church in Knoxville are a congregation of imbeciles for allowing this thieving, narcissistic whore handle their money. She takes whatever she wants. Anything she puts into the plate, she takes right back. Elise Brown is a corrupt hypocrite. She is no Christian! Elise Brown only goes to church for show, and to act holier than thou to other people.

While she’s praying during the day, she’ll be laying on her back at night, taking strange cock at the gym and everywhere else. Avoid this filthy diseased bitch!


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