Erin Gerity Corwin – Daytona Beach, Florida

Erin Corwin, maiden name Erin Gerity (trust me, her Corwin marriage and last name won’t last long!) complains that her sick husband (Keith ‘KJ’ Corwin) can’t “satisfy” her so she looked for other men on the side.

She began cheating on her husband with a black coworker named Tysjai Richardson. He’s a 24 year old, sexually confused, porn/hentai addict who used to date non-passing (aka visibly male) transgender individuals and cheated on his latest tranny with her, they broke up after [the tranny] found videos of him fucking Erin on his laptop. Ironically, she used to delete people off social media and slander them for disrespecting fake gender pronouns and identities, but then she disrespects trans people by fucking their boyfriends.

Obviously, her husband isn’t into it, and he isn’t allowed to fuck other women. It’s a one-way “poly” relationship. Her tranny-loving idiot bull can’t decide if he’s straight or not, but her husband is 100% not into dudes and is about to snap. So hey, when they divorce and Ms. Gerity and Mr. Richardson are single again, beware: they’re BOTH known cheaters and she’s now somewhat of an internet meme (thanks to Reddit and 4chan!)

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Deanna M Brown of Sanford, Florida If you want to see what a complete loser lives like then look no further than Deanna Michelle Brown. She couldnt manage to graduate from high school because she spent too much time behind the blenchers giving head tot he boys instead of doing her school work. She cheats on her only husband until he got fed up and kicked her to the curb. She gives her only child to her family to raise and becomes a deadbeat mother who does nothing for her. She runs around screwing half the town where ever she lives because she thinks being a slut is somehow a career. She does so many drugs she is one grade above brain dead. She has been prostituting for years and her clients are just like her, real low lives. She has f**ked so many men and doesnt refuses to go get tested. She runs from work like its a plague. She cant seem to stay away from being arrested constantly. In fact, everything she does is so bad, she ought to slink away and never show her face again. Deanna is a sorry excuse for a woman. If she doesnt turn your stomach, then you are iron clad.

DEANNA MICHELLE BROWN, born Feb 10, 1982

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