Laura Aguilar Washington DC


Laura Aguilar is a schizophrenic nut who dates Elizabeth Warren, a drunk heroin abusing schizo in her own rite. Her ugly Puerto Rican ass is disgusting and dirty attracting roaches and her pedophile family who molested her when she was young turning her into the Puerto Rican piece of crap that she is today. Her net worth is limited by check fraud and the number of checks she can forge and bounce in a single night. She spends most of her time at the library trying to order drugs off the dark web, (internet for Puerto Ricans – separate but equal) and arguing with postal workers about getting her packages delivered that didn’t clear customs because they were full of heroin and crack and because she is trash. She openly says greenco a lot before attacking white people indiscriminately in rental cars that she pays for in stolen credit cards.


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