Married Liar, Trent Wieties, is cheating on his wife using the name Philip Powell


I was used by a married man for sex and his name is Trent Wieties and he is married to Sarah Wieties. This all started when I started talking to a guy online, he said he was Philip Powell. We talked on the phone for almost 2 months before we decided to meet each other. He told me he was a Prison guard, divorced with a crazy ex-wife, and had 2 children who were both boys. We had lots in common and he was very flirtatious and always told me how beautiful I was. He constantly gave me compliments and made me feel good. He was very forward about how he wanted me sexually, sent me photos of himself naked and asked me for the same. We really hit it off or so I thought we did. We agreed to meet up and spend an afternoon and night together. He chose to meet at the Innkeeper Motel, 401 E State St, Hamel, IL. This was a 2-hour drive for me, but I liked him so made the trip. We met in late afternoon at the hotel. He had already got a room, so I went straight to it. Immediately he couldn’t keep his hands off me kissing and touching. This quickly led to us having sex. The only thing that slowed us down was he didn’t have a condom and it took him a couple minutes to convince me to have sex without one. As I was lying in bed, he went to bathroom to get cleaned up. I heard him showering and was resting in bed hoping for a round two as the first was very quick and I was not even remotely satisfied. After ten minutes he walked out of the bathroom fully dressed and told me he was going to run down the road to pick up something for us to have for dinner. I asked if he wanted me to get dressed and come with him, but he said no that he would be right back. After twenty minutes I started calling him and texting him but no answer. I sat in that nasty room for another 2 hours waiting for him. I called, texted, and snapped him repeatedly. I finally was scared as it was dark and left to go home. I kept trying to get him for the next 3 days then on the fourth day his phone number was disconnected. I realized I had got played, used for sex and thrown away. I started searching online for him and for anything that might lead to him then boom. There he was all over the internet. His name, his picture, many other women reporting what he did to them. My stomach hurt for days after all this. I just want to move past this and never think about him again. I have to get tested because many women even say he gave them a S.T.D. I just want my experience with Trent to be out there so maybe it will help someone not fall for his lies and be used like I was. Maybe this will prevent someone from catching a disease. Maybe his wife will find this read it and leave him as no one deserves for this to be done to them. His wife is a victim just as much as I am.


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