Trent Wieties – Married Cheat using the name Keith Clinton

2 weeks ago

His real name Trenton Wieties or Trent Wieties. He used a fake name to have an affair with me. He told me his name was Keith Clinton, and his real name in Trent and he is a married Cheat. He contacted me on snapchat said he got my Snap info from my Tinder profile. We talked all summer and then finally met up one time. We were intimate together on that one occasion which frankly was the worst experience ever. He got us a cheap hotel (Super 8 on Herman Road in Staunton) I assume he paid cash so his wife wouldn’t find out and after no more than a few minutes of actual sex he was done and said he had to leave for work. Later when trying the phone number I had for him there was no answer or voicemail – then one day someone else answered and I was informed that she uses an app called “Text Me” and that app gave her the phone number to use – so this “text me” app gives you a phone number to text and call people with – once you stop using it they recycle the number to someone else. I searched all over the internet using information from all our messages and finally found some pictures of him. I can’t believe he used a fake name on me and that he is married. He lives in Collinsville; Illinois and he is a habitual liar and cheater. I can’t believe I fell for his lies. I hope everyone reads this and he gets caught or at least doesn’t do this to anyone else. I hope he doesn’t give anyone any diseases.

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